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I appreciate you taking an interest in me and my work. I have 5+ years of professional experience in the games industry working in Design, Production, and QA leadership roles. I have utilized a variety of skill sets in my career for facilitating systems-thinking, creative direction, content creation, and project management.

Devoting my life to a career in games comes easily, as I feel they are the grand intersection of all human disciplines and specialties. In my eyes, this quality makes games the most effective way to cultivate community engagement, offer a sense of empowerment, facilitate the uptake of knowledge, and inspire imagination. 

When not making games, I stay active in the gaming community by volunteering for and attending game conventions, participating in game industry meetups, organizing youth game jams, and developing and teaching game design classes for kids.

Outside of games, other ways I enjoy spending my time include, but are not limited to: photography, camping, surfing, reading, fitness activities, and building sustainable agricultural systems.

If I seem like a fit for your organizational needs, here is a copy of my resume

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